rise of the roses tour

There is so much to learn about the different orders of religious life in Ireland. We hope that through the Rise of the Roses tour will meet nuns from ten different orders who will show us around their home, share with us the story of their founders, the saints that inspired them and their unique charism. We will listen to their personal testimonies and learn how they spend their time. We aim to show the world that there are so many different personalities, gifts and talents amongst the consecrated women of Ireland.

Rise of the Roses Tour 2015 Dates

The Event

We intend to begin at the birthplace of St Brigid in Faughart, Co. Louth. St. Brigid directly influenced several other future saints of Ireland, and her many religious communities helped to secure the country's conversion to the Catholic faith. At each convent we will invite young people to join us as we meet the sisters, learn about their way of life and their love for God, sing, have a 'wee tea party', hold an hour of Eucharistic adoration and plant a rose.

We will carry the cross of Christ to each convent and will be supported by a promise of prayers from people all around the world. The significance of the ROSE The symbolism of the Rose is so rich it is difficult to capture its essence in words. A rose is a symbol of beauty, of love and of a promise. 

We were inspired by the story of St Francis & St Clare - where roses bloomed through the snow as a symbol of the two saints' special connection. We want to connect the young people of Ireland (and the world) to God and to the women in the convents we visit. The Rose that will be planted at each convent will reflect a promise to pray for each other. We also want to promote the power of the Rosary. Ten roses planted around Ireland will symbolise a decade of the rosary offered for the young people of our country. Our tour finishes on the weekend of the feast day of Our Lady of Knock so it is poignant that we offer our prayers to the Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland Finally, the Rose has become synonymous with the memory of Michaela McAreavey. Michaela's faith and the values with which she tried to live her life continue to inspire us. She believed that God has a special plan for each one of us, and it is only by following God's will that we can attain true and lasting happiness. This tour aims to promote those messages throughout Michaela's home country and beyond.